Importance of cleanroom

Importance of cleanroom

There are millions and billions of bacteria all around us. Most of them cannot be seen with the naked eye however their presence and affect on surgical / medical instruments is very much tangible and needs to be controlled.

Clean rooms help us to control the particles of air in a given space. In the simplest form, it is a special room where the air inflow, outflow, surfaces and human involvement is all designed and controlled in such a manner to decrease or minimize those air particles (and along it, the bacteria) in a given space.

When we pack our instruments in a ISO/CE certified clean room and then sterilize those instruments through EO, we are ensuring that the instruments that leave the premises of Dr. Frigz Electrosurgical are all clean and safe to use within their specified fields.

Our instruments help save thousands of lives each year. And we cannot do this without a certified cleanroom and sterilization systems.

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