Past, Present & Future of Dr. Frigz

Dr. Frigz International was established in 1980 by Mian Muhammad Riaz as a sole proprietorship. The company later converted to a partnership before finally becoming a private limited company. Mr. Riaz used to work in the income tax department but then sold his parental lands to gather enough investment to start the surgical busienss. His efforts were rewarded swiftly and the business grew because of its reputation for reliability and competitiveness. As the business grew, Mian Muhamamd Riaz who trained [...]

The cool thing about non-stick forceps

Why are non-stick forceps important and how are they made? Non-stick forceps do not stick to patient’s tissues and therefore bring more precision and accuracy in grasping. This results in easier cleaning during and after the operation. These electrosurgical Forceps have a tip made of a special non sticking alloy  and sometimes come with a specialized coating that improve the electrical conductivity of the working surface. What makes them non-stick is this special feature of  high thermal diffusion. As an industry standard, [...]

Difference between Bipolar & Monopolar Instruments

The basic difference between these two types of instruments is the way the electric current passes through them. In case of Monopolar instruments the current passes through the tissue from electrode and returns through a separate pad placed under the patient and thus completing its circuit through patient’s body. When it comes to bipolar instruments the current passes from one electrode of instrument to the tissue and returns to the other electrode of the same instrument. In other words, in bipolar [...]

New Product Developments

Dr. Frigz is not simply a provider of OEM medical devices but also an active participant in the research and development of new products. Benefiting from our designing, prototyping, and production capabilities, One of our customer recently developed a completely new medical device in collaboration with us. The result; a newly patented product that fills an important gap in the medical device industry.   So if you have a new idea, or require a modification in an existing product or simply want [...]

Importance of cleanroom

There are millions and billions of bacteria all around us. Most of them cannot be seen with the naked eye however their presence and affect on surgical / medical instruments is very much tangible and needs to be controlled. Clean rooms help us to control the particles of air in a given space. In the simplest form, it is a special room where the air inflow, outflow, surfaces and human involvement is all designed and controlled in such a manner to decrease [...]